Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Finals Game 5 - "Resting on Hardy's laurels"

GM 5 At Camden Yards- Horlen vs Chen

Horlen has been the best pitcher in tourney maybe and only has a 2-1 record to show for it. Balt gets one off him in 2nd on run scoring double by Reynolds and get 2 more off Joel in 4th when JJ Hardy singles home 2 to give Birds a 3-0 lead with their best pitcher on bump. In 5th Sox get one back on 2 out run scoring single by Don Buford. O's get solo shot from Jones in 6th and Chen along with the great O's relievers shut down Sox for a 4-2 win and stay alive. Chen the win, Johnson 9th save, Horlen loss now just 2-2 despite a 1.29 era.

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